Determined Leader and Author Challenging Existing Gender Norms

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Determined Leader and Author Challenging Existing Gender Norms

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Promoting inclusivity and, gender equity and equality is our key drivers. Emergination Africa bestows the third honour badge to Nakai Zenda from Langham Girls, one of the few Girls Schools that are part of the NBCC 2020 Competition. Nakai has proven that girls are a critical part of development as she continues to represent her school by leading a powerful group of young ladies who are focused on winning the NBCC 2020 Competition through their innovative idea. Nakai is the voice behind the NBCC 2020 appreciation video of front liners in the fight against Covid 19.

On Leadership and Writing

Leadership defines Nakai as she is the President of the Current Affairs Society and the Writers Club, a senior prefect and Co-founder of Give Back Summer foundation (a foundation dedicated to meaningful use of teenagers’ personal time through engagement with orphans). She is also a student participant in the upcoming Shasha Bridge Networking Program which focuses on career development, support and training. Additionally, Nakai is a motivational quote writer on instagram, (@illicit.lots20, an author of the Wattpad novel, Ripple Effect, and has contributed to the June edition of the Magazine Omunhle. The article is titled Pre-Determined Persona based on the edition’s title AlphaMale

Role Models and Vision for the Future

At advanced level, Nakai is studying Economics, Business and Mathematics in the hope that she will be enrolled in the London School of Economics. In the long term, she envisions herself with two PhD qualifications in Economics and Journalism, a blog and a string of best sellers as she is also a passionate writer. Her role models include Tom Clancy, a world renowned writer, Robert Kiyosaki founder of Rich Dad, Hilary Clinton, Strive Masiyiwa the telecommunication tycoon, Jairos Jiri and Tapiwa Bengewa, a fellow captain who has shown how much young people can still achieve through his social responsibility activities.

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