Aspiring Physiotherapist Making Moves in Entrepreneurship and Marketing

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Aspiring Physiotherapist Making Moves in Entrepreneurship and Marketing

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My name is Liseli Ncube and I am a student at Regina Mundi and the captain of Emergination Africa since NBCC 2019. I am an upper six student currently studying Mathematics Biology and Chemistry with the hopes of becoming a world renowned physiotherapist. All my life I’ve dreamt of being a woman of influence who can effect change through innovation and acquiring knowledge as much as I can.

On Entrepreneurship

I am the outgoing Chief Executive Officer for Junior Achievement Company, Regina Mundi The Avante Pvt Ltd as well as a finalist for the Company of the year competitions. With the cooperation of the company employees we came up with innovative ideas that helped us make profit and acquire firsthand knowledge on how to start up and run our own company. As a person who’s interested in knowing as much as I can, I joined the quiz club of my school and it was a fun experience for me.

The importance of Gender Equality for me

Gender equality has always been a very crucial topic for me and I try my best to act in a way that can help others and with my position as the projects director for Regina Mundi Interact Club this has placed me in a position to do the best I can to help as many people as I can. My role models include my father, Mr. Learn Ncube, Michelle Obama, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. My dream is to be a role model to many young girls across Zimbabwe and to allow others to learn the importance of dreaming big. One of my biggest goals is to open a university in Zimbabwe that allows individuals to nurture their individual talents and promote diversity.

Using my gained skills in Marketing and PR

I am also currently the marketing director of a company known as The Alphaz an online lesson platform that works towards changing the usual way of classroom learning especially with our new normal. Generally what we do is be the bridge that assists students to be in touch with professional tutors. I am passionate about individuality and the importance of knowing one’s worth something that I’ve learned from my parents.

Vision for the future

I’ve always believed that the world around us is what we make it. We can’t dream of change if we don’t make moves to create it this is why I try to learn as much as I can as well as to educate as many as I can by talking about things people aren’t comfortable talking about. My drive is to see a world where women have a choice to be whoever and whatever they want to be is what keeps me going.

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