Office 219

Second Floor North Wing

Pax House

89 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue

P.O. Box 981

Harare, Zimbabwe


Tel: +263-242-709872

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The Vision

To be a pinnacle global youth organization developing young African students to create opportunities for themselves and others.

What We do

Many government secondary schools in Africa lack global university and work readiness classes that prepare African students to be competitive in the world economy.

Driven by its desire to contribute to the 'African Century' Emergination Africa curates and delivers national secondary school skills and coaching classes that prepare students to excel in university and the global work force.

Through a blend of live global video mentorship sessions, problem based learning, facilitative learning and self-awareness assessments we develop students with the technical, interpersonal and leadership skills to not only create opportunities for themselves but for others.

Global Video Mentorship

A key pillar of all our programs is global networking and mentorship. From San Francisco, London, Berlin, Nairobi, Harare, Tokyo to Germany we connect mentors and practitioners from around the world directly into our classrooms to advise our learners.

Problem Based Learning 

In collaboration with local businesses and civic society leaders we develop and curate online content around real world national problems in areas such as urbanization, infrastructure, healthcare, unemployment, poverty, mining, agriculture and governance and bring them directly into the classroom for students to develop end to end solutions that they in turn present to leaders and luminaries in the respective industries. 

Facilitative Learning 

We train teachers that teach in our classrooms on how to guide, instigate, and motivate learners to learn not only from our physical and online content but from one another. To effectively connect with learners the use of local language and examples from within the surrounding environment and community are used.


We believe in developing young men and women with a strong moral and value compass seeped in a deep understanding of ones self. Hence, in all our classrooms learners take personality assessments that in turn help them identify their unique paths on the education to employment highway in relation to our VAPORs Framework. Emergination Africa is currently working on an AI enabled algorithm that helps guide learners through the framework and helps teachers get a 360 view of each of the learners in the class.