Emergination Africa’s AgriVenture Hub Workshop – Empowering the Next Generation of Agri-Leaders

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Emergination Africa’s AgriVenture Hub Workshop – Empowering the Next Generation of Agri-Leaders

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Written by Mucheke High

This report summarises the key takeaways and recommendations from the recent AgriVenture Hub workshop hosted by Emergination Africa. The workshop aimed to equip headmasters and teachers with the knowledge and resources to foster a culture of agribusiness within their schools.

Building a Brighter Future Through Agribusiness

The workshop highlighted the critical role agribusiness plays in Africa’s development. By integrating agribusiness concepts and practices into school curriculums and activities, headmasters have the power to empower the next generation of agricultural leaders. These leaders will be instrumental in driving innovation, food security, and economic growth across the continent.

Encouraging Active Participation in Agribusiness Competitions

A particular emphasis was placed on the importance of encouraging student participation in agribusiness competitions. These competitions provide a valuable platform for students to:

  • Develop practical skills: Students gain hands-on experience in areas like planting, animal husbandry, and business planning.
  • Foster innovation: Competitions encourage students to think creatively and develop solutions to real-world agricultural challenges.
  • Promote teamwork and leadership: Working collaboratively on projects fosters communication, coordination, and problem-solving skills.

Headmasters are encouraged to take these competitions seriously and actively support student participation. Their involvement can significantly impact the success of these initiatives and contribute to the development of future agri-preneurs.

Inculcating Business Acumen in Our Youth

The workshop underscored the importance of integrating agribusiness principles into the school curriculum. By exposing students to concepts like financial management, marketing, and value chain analysis, headmasters can help them develop essential business acumen. These skills will not only benefit them in their future agricultural endeavors but also equip them to navigate the broader world of commerce.

Supporting Teachers as Entrepreneurial Role Models

The workshop acknowledged the crucial role teachers play in fostering a culture of agribusiness within schools. To achieve this, headmasters are encouraged to support teachers in their entrepreneurial endeavors. This can take various forms, such as:

  • Providing professional development opportunities in areas like agribusiness management and project-based learning. Facilitating access to resources and funding for teacher-led agribusiness initiatives within schools.
  • Creating a supportive environment where teachers feel empowered to experiment and implement innovative ideas.
  • By supporting teachers in their entrepreneurial pursuits, headmasters can create valuable role models for students. This will further incentivize and inspire them to explore agribusiness opportunities.


The Emergination Africa Agribusiness Hub workshop provided valuable insights and tools for headmasters and teachers to cultivate a generation of future agri-leaders. By actively supporting student participation in agribusiness competitions, integrating business principles into the curriculum, and empowering teachers, headmasters have the potential to unlock the immense potential of the agribusiness sector and contribute to a more prosperous future for Africa.

Compiled By Mr Gapare

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