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Secondary school entrepreneurs and creators are treated as rare creatures in African society, and this is due to their schools crushing their creativity in day-to-day mundane classroom activities. In line with the United Nations SDG indicator 4.4 of substantially increasing the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.

Our venture development competitions strive to gamify project-based learning and bring real-world practical learning in secondary schools through incentivized competition. Importantly, our competitions catalyze learners, companies, and global organizations across different disciplines to participate in the development of innovative ideas that help solve grand challenges that restrict Africa’s prosperity. 

The learning outcomes of our venture development competitions are as follows:
  • Learners develop presentation skills
  • Learners develop Microsoft office skills
  • Learners develop team building skills
  • Learners develop critical thinking skills and problem solving skills
  • Learners develop relationships with global and local project advisors 
  • Learners develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Learners develop an understanding of lean agile prototyping
  • Learners develop a commitment to others when it comes to matters of the economy

Program outcomes

Our Venture Development Competitions are 6 – 12-month long contests focused on identifying and nurturing mass talent pools that can develop sustainable solutions utilizing our Venture Development Curriculum.

Rural School Impacted

Participated Educators

Teams pitching

Provinces participated

The Learner Journey


STEP 1: Train

Through our Business Studies Teacher Guide we enlighten, empower, equip and excite business studies teacher coaches with new business venture knowledge so they can in turn coach identify and nurture busines potential in the schools and classrooms that rub the NBCC.


STEP 2: Minimum Viable Product

In groups of 5-20, learners identify a problem and conduct market research and field trps to understand the needs of those affected by the problem. Through this open minded approach learners conceive soltion that serves as their minimum Viable Product (MVP).


STEP 3: Idea Democratization

After 5 months of product market fit testing, refining their MVPs and business models learners present theri solutions to a panle of judges within theri province. the top three provincial solutions receive prizes with the top solution from each province being selected to attend the national finals.


STEP 4: Project Advisement

Through in-person and global video call deep dive sessions the top 10 teams receive three weeks of project advisement from local and global business leaders to further refine their MVPs and prepare their pitches.


STEP 5: Tangible Results

The top 10 solutions attend the 3-day NBCC national finals and the Solution Xccelerator. Solutions are presented to a high-level panel with three solutions receiving prizes, seed funding, and advisors to further implement their solutions.


STEP : Channeling

All learners that participated in the NBCC become a part of the Future Business Leaders Community which consists of an online platform and physical chapters were learners receive unprecedented access to business scholarships, internships, access to business accelerators, and exposure to top employers.


Discover the highlights of our NBCC program in 2022. See how learners showcase their skills and Alumni motivate their peers to pursue our vision of empowering young people in Africa to create their own opportunities and impact.

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