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From Emergination Africa to Deloitte

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My name is Tawanda Magore, I finished my A’ levels in November 2015 and decided to do my studies in Chartered Accountancy (Articles). Hence, I joined KLM Chartered Accountants (KLM-CA) in March 2016 as an Articled Clerk. KLM-CA is a small accounting firm in Zimbabwe, which is certified with the Institute of Chartered of Accountants. The position with the accounting firm gave me exposure which helped me to get an offer to work at Deloitte, a much bigger and internationally recognized company, and where I will be pursuing my career to be a Chartered Accountant for the next 5 years.

As someone that is passionate about studying Actuarial Science, my first option was to study in the USA where the demand for actuaries is much greater than in Zimbabwe. Through Emergination Africa I took my SATs and did fairly well, and in February 2016, I got accepted to Seton Hall University, but I did not receive a full scholarship. This felt like the end of the world for me but I did not give up in exploring more career opportunities.

I went on to apply to the “Big 4”Accounting Firms, that is, KPMG, PwC, Ernest & Young, and Deloitte. Sadly, I was not accepted to any of the other three firms but all I kept in my heart where the words of my Emergination mentors who always told me to never give up. In August 2016, I finally heard back from Deloitte Zimbabwe. I got a position as an articled clerk and this has marked the beginning of my journey.

One of the sessions I still remember from Emergination Africa was when we were taught how to create resumes and elevator pitches. These skills helped me greatly during my Deloitte interviews and to market myself with the company at large. Emergination Africa also gave me networking exposure and the opportunity to meet some of Zimbabwe’s business leaders, including Nigel Chanakira and Nancy Guzha. In addition, Emergination Africa has helped me with global exposure through educational mentors that motivated me to pursue my dreams.

I would like to thank the Emergination Africa team as a whole. You were the best team I have ever worked wit!. Special thanks to my two mentors, Venkayla Haynes and Prince Abudu, you have given me the inspiration and motivation I never deserved, and I will always keep the light you gave me shining. I look forward to mentoring the next generation of Emerging Fellows.

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