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From Emergination Africa To University Graduate

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I am Ryan K Rumano. It was a conversation between me and a fellow final year colleague of mine back in high school just 3 days before Emergination Africa’s CV and Resume workshop in 2013, that changed my life. I had been reluctant to show up but little did I know I was on a course that would change my life.

Fast forward 5 years later I am now a college graduate, a proud BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering graduate. I turned from a scrawny geeky-nerd to an eloquent speaker, Cloud Computing and web hosted services guru, effective presentation creator and executor, socially intelligent specimen and the list is just endless. It was through joining Emergination Africa as a fellow back on that workshop day in 2013 and later on signing up as a voluntary intern during my gap year before college after turning down a $200 per month shop till job and one thing I always tell someone is I made one of the best decisions of my life.

The vast knowledge, experience, exposure and skill set that I acquired at Emergination Africa throughout the years has been priceless and even from the very first day I stepped into college on the back of months with the organisation and many mentorship sessions I clearly stood out, not for my academic brilliance but for my all round acumen, ask anyone in the Class of 2018 from the University of Zimbabwe’s Faculty of Engineering and they will tell you about “MR.CIVIL”.

As someone one who has worked with Emergination Africa at many different levels as I have already aforementioned as a mentee, an intern and at one time as provincial coordinator and local board secretary, I fail to find the right words to sum up all the gratitude that I have towards the organisation and the entire team that makes up this wonderful family. They offer one of the best self-development and mentorship platforms one can ever find and to think I almost passed this opportunity for pizza.

Now I don’t want to bore you through a long unending piece so allow me to just say, Thank you to everyone at Emergination Africa for your support and assistance along the way from my days as a high school graduate to now where I am graduating from college but please note my journey with Emergination Africa has not come to an end because I am now graduating no! This is just the end of one chapter and the beginning of another and as a millennial and nerdy one at that I leave you with the following greatest words to have ever been said in the century of my birth, May the Force Be with You.

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