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Determined Poet & Entrepreneur With a Heart of Gold

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My name is Diana Nobukhosi Ndhlovu and l am a student at Mtshabezi High School. My journey on this earth began the moment l was born. l felt pinches on my soft tender skin then , l knew that l had to fight back ,a loud cry packed with anger and dismay escaped my mouth, then like a newly born baby l smiled happily, knowing that l had defeated the monster which tried to play cat and mouse with me.

Working Twice as Hard

At home nothing came just like the snap of a finger, l was one of the unfortunate ones, born without a silver spoon in my mouth, so l had to work extra hard for everything l desired. By the time l reached my fifth grade l used the little funds l got as pocket money to start my own business of selling Freezits around my home area. I worked so hard trying to catch two birds with one stone and at a tender age l knew that out of suffering comes creativity, after all you cannot spell painting without pain.

Finally l reached my goal and decided to bring my business to a halt. I thought hard about what to do wit the money I had made selling Freezits. Then it rang a bell, ‘We rise by lifting others,’ so l donated that little l gained to the children’s home in Mpopoma my home area.

Discovering my Passion

In grade six, l was chosen to be a prefect, truth is not everyone sees you how you see yourself, some will see you as a waitress and some as a leader! My final year at primary approached and l wanted to leave something good they would remember me for. l discovered something that had been hidden within me for all these years, l was and l am still a poet.

I would perform in any event that was held at school and from there, l got many customers inviting me to their celebrations, weddings and even funerals. I became a small millionaire just overnight , but still l had not yet reached my pinnacle of success . High school, l went to the above mentioned school which happens to be a boarding school meaning that my chances of performing in weddings and other events were minimised. I myself wasn’t gifted academically so in some situations involving school work , l faced storms but l still managed to sail through all because of hard work, self determination and discipline.

New Responsibilities and Fundraising

Lower six l decided to change my gears and become a better person. I was voted to be the treasurer of the lnteract Club, not only because of my outstanding accounting skills but most importantly for being a trustworthy person. We managed to install salt shakers at the school dinning halls as well as provide for the school staff. To finance the salt shaker project we hosted a talent show which generated an income of 1800ZW and we also managed to host a youth day celebration which generated an income of 3559ZW.

Motivation for the Future

On the other hand l used my pocket money to finance my ice- lollipop business at home which l never thought that it would make it to the business world , but surprisingly it grew and it fully matured. One lesson l’ve learnt over the past few years is that a tree will never bend for you to climb. Climbing a tree must start from the ground. Success will never lower its standards to accommodate you. You have to raise your standards to achieve success. Always keep in mind that it is never crowded along the extra mile!

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