8 NBCC Teams To Each Receive €5,000 to Implement Their Business Ventures!!!

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8 NBCC Teams To Each Receive €5,000 to Implement Their Business Ventures!!!

Jun 15, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

We’re ecstatic to announce that we have an exciting, empowering and life changing programme for our learners, teachers and schools launching soon! This programme is The EA Virtual Innovation Accelerator which will see 8 National Business Case Competition (NBCC) student entrepreneur teams receive €5,000 each to implement their business ventures!! We’re excited to share the details with you and better yet, see the programme unfold.

Research has shown that 60% of Africa’s jobless are youths and sadly, 10 – 12 million youths enter the African workforce each year but only 3.1 million jobs are created. Apart from the unavailability of opportunities, another major reason for the high unemployment of African youth is a lack of quality education and skills relevant to the needs of the labour market, which is why student entrepreneurship is more important now, than ever!

The Virtual Innovation Accelerator is therefore an opportunity for Emergination Africa in partnership with Deloitte Consulting GmbH to accelerate National Business Case Competition (NBCC) student entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe so they can create economic opportunities in their communities through innovative ventures aligned to the SDGs. The NBCCs which were sponsored by the ZB Bank have already laid a solid foundation for this accelerator programme.

Through the competitions, high school business teachers have already been trained and upskilled; high potential student entrepreneurs have already been identified in the classrooms nationally through the teachers; these student entrepreneurs have been nurtured to create product prototypes and pitch them and they continue to be channeled towards opportunities including university, seed capital, accelerators and membership to our growing community.

During the Virtual Innovation Accelerator, the 8 student teams will traverse across four phases of the programme with the aim of realizing their business ventures through seed capital and skilled Deloitte practitioners. The four phases of the programme are Prepare, Pitch, Realise and Learn, and the student teams will have the support of their teachers, digital advisors and the EA staff.

This programme is aligned to Deloitte Consulting GmbH’s 2025 strategic pillar focused on societal impact which aims to deliver clear contributions to society through digital responsibility & sustainability.

The goal is to not end with the participating students but impact more learners outside the programme. The teams will therefore conduct workshops at their school for other aspiring student entrepreneurs to gain awareness about the program and skills learned from Deloitte.

With programmes such as these, we are more steps closer to realising an Africa where all young people are equipped to create opportunities for themselves and others.

We are really excited and we will be sharing more details on the programme soon, so watch this space!

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