NBCC and VIA Alumnus Tafadzwa Manyanye shares Inspiring Testimony on his EA Journey!

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NBCC and VIA Alumnus Tafadzwa Manyanye shares Inspiring Testimony on his EA Journey!

Feb 27, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

“I got to know about Emergination Africa when l participated in 2020 national business case competition. The most interesting thing was not just pitching our business ideas to a panel of judges, it was all the work that came before pitch day. All the efforts our team had made to really understand the problem we were aiming to solve. The time put in meeting up even through the pandemic so we could try and polish our presentation, was really inspiring.

Traveling to communities and reaching out to farmers became more than just market analysis to us. We bonded with a community that had been struggling with harvesting their grain and they were excited about the soution we were bringing.

With Emergination Africa’s support we managed to get funding for what was still a project and were able to get registered. We started providing harvesting services to small grain farmers in our province. How we evolved into a company changed every single team member. As a team, we got to know more about ourselves and this brought us closer to each other and even closer to achieving our combined goal.

Personally, my entrepreneurial skills increased due to the modules we had revised as preparation for the competition. I have used and am continuing to use those problem solving skills in my life today. I have benefitted from the knowledge shared with me through the Virtual Innovation Accelerator (VIA) programme.

I’m currently doing my undergraduate degree at the University of Zimbabwe, studying Financial and Accounting Systems Development and Applications. A career that majors in business management and computers.

As an EA alumni continuing to see hardworking students challenging themselves to solve problems in our economy has been motivating. Working in any industry that would enable me to create employment opportunities for my fellow youths and peers is what l want. As we prepare for another amazing season here in the Lowveld of Zimbabwe we will continue to do our part to contribute to our economy.”

Written and Submitted by Tafadzwa Manyaye

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