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Business Case Competition:

Terms and Conditions 

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The school shall pay a nominal fee of $100 as a registration fee to the Business Case Competition.

  2. To be able to enroll for the Business Case Competition the school must be able to provide

    • access to a functional computer lab with a Wi-Fi connection and other resources that the students may deem necessary to carry out E.A related activities

    • a 5 person L6 student team and 1 support teacher

    • a projector

    • a school bus

  3. The school shall allow Emergination Africa to use its name in marketing of the Business Case Program during the period of it's conduction and after the competition is completed.

  4. The school shall designate teachers who shall be trained by Emergination Africa coordinators to facilitate the Business Case Competition.

  5. The school shall maintain the hardware provided by Emergination Africa in excellent state under the care of a designated teacher.

  6. The school shall continue with the Business Case Program until the entire duration of the program(10 months) and may not terminate the program without having Emergination Africa's consent.

  7. The top schools selected have the opportunity to win prize money that can be used towards the school's business studies department. Outside of the prize money, participating student teams and teachers will receive amazing gifts from Emergination Africa's local and global sponsors.


I Agree the Terms & Conditions stated above