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I Chose Emergination Africa!

February 22, 2019



Being involved with Emergination Africa (EA), for me was by chance. It all started with a visit from Panashe Mujegu and Miriraishe Mavhima, persuading me to be part of the group. I had my doubts because I felt like it would consume most of my study time and I did not have room for that. I attended one session and from that my heart was won. EA has made a significant change in my life, from showing me how to create a CV not forgetting lessons on office etiquacy, to becoming a better leader to the community at large, to connecting with panellists and many other opportunities that are many to mention. It was bit challenging for me at first because writing essays and submitting assignments was a daunting task considering I still had that mentality of all this consuming my time and I also had other commitments like School clubs and I was also the School Headgirl. Although I was given guidance by my mentor Takudzwa Machirori who is one talented and gifted man, I still did not know where to begin or what questions to ask both him or during panel sessions with panellists. As time passed by I got to love EA and to discover its true meaning and intention towards me. I even became the EA president in my school (St Dominics Chishawasha).

 I worked with my mentor Takudzwa with almost everything including applying for Universities. I tried explaining to my parents about EA but they did not understand what I was telling them and they actually thought it was disturbing my studies, that is why I worked with my mentor who then advised me to work with my brother. I would study when it was study time and work on my EA assignments on my free time, that is how I managed because at the end I attained eighteen(18) points. It would be a lie if I am to say that EA was a disturbance rather it was a self-building platform and this I discovered after I was done with my studies and I actually regret not using every opportunity given to me by EA to the fullest. I remember the time I told my mentor that I had applied through UCAS and I am required to pay an application fee of 24 pounds, Takudzwa showed so much concern about whether the platform I was using was legitimate or was it a spam. He even went a mile to go and confirm himself and then he told me to go ahead after he had done his research. That is when I saw that EA is there for me and it will see me through my successes in life, and this is what showed me that EA is part of my life. From the five Universities I applied to, three gave me conditional offers and that was before my results came out and the two others, I’m still to hear from them for me to make my final decision. I can tell you now that I still communicate with one of the panellists that I conversed with during a panel session named Contessa Mwedzi who works for the world bank, but if it was not for EA, I would not even dream about that.

Like what my father said, “One should grab every opportunity that comes her or his way”, when he said this we were talking about EA. I took the opportunity and I am happy with where it made me reach and what it made me become.

I would like to thank Emergination Africa for a wonderful encounter and the beautiful memories.



Chidochangu Lacey Chigwena







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