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My journey as an Emerging Fellow



My journey as an Emerging Fellow was a spontaneous trip of self-discovery. The first interview I went through allowed me to find my purpose. I was given self-assessment questions about my identity like, "What drives you? What are you passionate about and how can use this to change your country? What are your weaknesses?" All these were questions the Emergination Africa platform got me thinking about.

After the first few miles of self-discovery, I was allowed the opportunity to learn from a global perspective. Emergination Africa allows interaction with a diverse community of mentors, from the neighboring South Africa to Nigeria, across the oceans from the USA to the UK to Germany.


As the journey progressed, there was a short stop called ‘Inspiration’. This is where the bright minds come to ask questions and seek answers, where the next generation of leaders and change-makers get their start. At this short stop called 'Inspiration', there were Youth Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Panel Sessions. The practical learning experiences helped to direct me in the right path. I had the chance to broaden my perspectives and get invaluable advice.


As I approached the destination, I started preparing for my future. Where do I want to go to for College? Where can I best nurture my passions? Where can I get the correct toolkit to help change my community and bring Africa to the World? I also started connecting with other students and creating a network of people who shared my interests and passions.


Then, at last I arrived at my destination of Self-Discovery and I knew what I wanted to do. I realized that I wanted the world to seek Africa, not just for its beautiful resources but for its equally beautiful people and their talents. It was then, that I also realized Emergination Africa was freeing me from the constraints of fear and negativity, allowing me to dream beyond the horizons of my imagination – to ‘emerge’ my imagination for a brighter future. I finally knew that if I put my mind to it, I could achieve anything.


Thus, ends my journey to self-discovery as an Emerging Fellow. But, the truth of the matter is that this is not just the end, but the beginning of something great. My eternal gratitude lies with the Emergination Africa platform and not to forget my inspiring mentor, Earl Hwande.



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