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Mentor Spotlight - Marvellous Iheukwumere

May 4, 2017



Sports Business Professional


Why did you choose to become a mentor?

I chose to become a mentor because I love helping young people, and love to share the knowledge I've learned in my life thus far. As an African woman, I am most passionate about helping young African boys and girls to grow up to become leaders within their communities. I did not always have certain resources as a child, so I want to provide educational opportunities and experiences for people who may have been in my similar position. Furthermore, I believe that the largest room on earth is the room for improvement, and I mentor because by teaching others, I also learn how to think from a different perspective.


What aspect of the mentoring program do you enjoy?

I enjoy chatting with my mentee, she is very similar to me when I was her age. I enjoy our fruitful conversations, and it's wonderful to learn about all the goals she has.


Is there a significant experience or moment with your mentee so far that you'd like to highlight?

My mentee and I both share a love for sports, and I'm really happy about that because sometimes in Africa, women are not encouraged to engage in sports, but we share a similarity in that we both participate in athletics. Whenever we talk about athletics, I can really sense her excitement, and I'm happy we share that bond. Also, I've noticed that over time, and through the assignments, her writing has immensely improved, so I'm happy about that.

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