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Emergination Fellow Reflects on His First Year at The African Leadership Academy

January 31, 2015

One of our Emergination Africa Fellows Porai Gwendere reflects on his first year at the African Leadership Academy.



'My name is Porai Beaven Gwendere, aged 18. Currently I am doing my first year of Advanced Level studies at African Leadership Academy, a “unique” high school located in the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa. I first found out about the school on a television advertisement which inspired me to apply as I fervently believe that I could bring upon a positive change on the African continent. When I was accepted into African Leadership Academy simultaneously, I was admitted to be Joshualite (Joshua Nkomo Scholarship Fund beneficiary). I had to forgo one opportunity, having realised the opportunities I was going to be exposed to at African Leadership Academy I decided to enrol into the Academy. I was so fascinated because I thought to myself that I had got the chance to find an easier route to the US for my tertiary educational studies. However, this was just a  preconception. The African Leadership Academy has exposed me to different platforms and many peers of different cultures, beliefs and even “looks”, this has seen the Academy upholding “Diversity” as one of its values.


The Academy has created an environment in which I am able to discover myself, know my strengths and weaknesses, “Self Knowledge”- which is the ultimate exercise to one’s uniqueness. My experience so far at the Academy has been awesome and too elusive to put into a few words. What is unique about the Academy is that we get to do three additional subjects in addition to the normal Advanced level subjects, these subjects prepare us for our leadership journey.


I emphatically believe that the founding beliefs of the Academy are quite similar to the founding beliefs of Emergination Africa both aimed at developing, supporting and transforming Africa. Emergination Africa is aiming at preparing high school students for colleges which is the same as the next step after graduating from African Leadership Academy. I kindly urge my fellow Emergination Fellows to give their best and engage whole heartedly in the Emergination Africa activities. I also encourage other students who who seek to bring positive change on the African continent to apply to the Academy. ( ).'


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