NBCC Alumni with Great Ambitions Provides Access to Internet Video Gaming

My name is Clint Shone and I'm a former Oriel Boys High learner. My idea was initially driven by the business idea that we pitched at the 2019 National Business Case Competitions. However, after l finished high school l got a chance to take a gap year and went to South Africa where a lot opportunities presented themselves.

I saw the need to invest in the Tech Sector, especially during this period with the Covid-19 pandemic whereby a lot of people do not have safe and easy access to internet gaming. There is really a huge gap in Africa and people need to know what is happening in the outside world. We are therefore bringing internet video gaming and we're also trying to bid farewell to tech illiteracy in the African child including the elderly.

I have been able to purchase a used shipping container and right now it's operating, but we are also hoping that God will bless us with access to more resources so that we may operate at full capacity.

I've realized that we are capable of doing anything that we put our mind to, but it takes a lot of courage and hard work.