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Nashville High School Is Producing Rabbit Urine Fertiliser And More: VIA Teams Spotlight

Meet the Nashville High School Team!

Team Members: Carlton Nemutenzi, Giles Mupambo, Vimbai Nyavanhu, Ruvimbo Gwauraya and Shantel Manager

These students noticed that many farmers in their area have been keeping poultry especially rabbit for meat production, whilst on the other hand buying fertilisers. These chemical fertilisers are not easily accessible due to the high market prices, which becomes a huge inconvenience for farmers.

The students suggested various solutions from their business venture:

1. They will use rabbit urine as the fertiliser to stabilise the economy by introducing an affordable and bumper harvest producing option. This fertiliser will also help reduce global warming because it is environmentally friendly. On top of all that, it will help reduce hunger and poverty in Zimbabwe, as well as the toxic diseases caused by chemical fertilisers. The rabbit urine can also be used as a pesticide against whitefish, sap-sucking insects and leaf miners, saving our environment and lowering farming costs even further.

2. The rabbits they will be rearing will also be used for meat production as rabbit meat is very healthy and low in cholesterol.

3. The rabbit fur and hides will then be used to make clothing so that there is zero waste.

4. Lastly, they will use the rabbit droppings as mosquito repellent this initiative.

Their venture solves problems accross various sectors, for example helping farmers, hotel owners, clothing manufactures etc, whilst also helping to stabilise the economy.

We’re rooting for you!

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