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Lavish Biogas (Oriel Boys VIA Team) Forge An Exciting Collaboration With Lanforce Biogas!

Lavish Biogas is the name of the company started by the Oriel Boys High School VIA team. The team has been working on building a biodigester and we are super excited to announce that they have partnered with an established company within their space called Lanforce Biogas.

Even more exciting is the news that the team flame tested the gas from their biodigester yesterday, and YES, it burns!!!

Congratulations team!

Lanforce Biogas, the company the student team is partnering with, will work with the learners and help them set up a biogas plant. The company is a women led, for profit social enterprise in the renewable energy sector. Their work includes the construction and installation of biogas digesters for farms, households, hotels and various institutions.

We caught up with Hillary, one of the team members so we could learn more about this promising partnership. Hillary shared that the team had been having a few challenges getting their venture off the ground, which led to them deciding on the need for expert advise from individuals experienced in the sector. This would help to quickly expand their knowledge about biogas and setting up a biogas plant.

This collaboration came into effect around mid January and the Lavish Biogas student team is already receiving guidance, including weekly digester check-ups. Hillary says the team is feeling really great about this partnership as it is giving them more business management and operations knowledge, in addition to everything they have been learning throughout the VIA programme.

We're glad that this collaboration is expanding the learners' knowledge and skills in the renewable energy sector and also helping them identify gaps within their team and business for better success.

Wishing the team nothing but success, you've got this guys!!!

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