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Food Security & Employment Creation; Only a Few of the Challenges Marist Brothers Nyanga Will Solve!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The Marist Brothers Nyanga team is on a mission. The mission is to reduce poverty, achieve food security, provide employment, improve nutrition, save the environment and promote sustainable business growth. Though this is a huge task, the Marist Brothers team has a plan. Their masekesa plant based-pig feed.

Their market includes schools and local pig farmers who don't need to travel out of town to purchase quality pig feed. This will allow natural and locally produced high-quality feed at affordable prices.

Their solution not only helps farmers save on their expenses (travel and procurement) but also addresses global warming and saves the planet from the effects of chemical-based feeds currently available on the market. Global warming has hurt world economies and the overall quality of all life on earth.

Local production will go a long way in reducing imports and increasing exports in the agriculture industry. This will sustain the Zimbabwean economy with the country’s natural resources which are currently underutilized. Their production process is low-cost, with the vision to maximize profits and utilize indigenous resources. The learners aim to produce 100% natural pig feed in order to improve the world’s health and increase the country's GDP.

What a great initiative!

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