Emergination Africa presents to 30+ Ministries of Education at the Innovation Africa Summit 2018.

Far left Emergination Africa Executive Director Taku Machirori

Emergination Africa was awarded an opportunity to present its work to university chancellors, education ministers and officials from 30+ African countries last week at the Innovation Africa Summit in Harare, Zimbabwe. The Innovation Africa Summit provides a platform through which government ministries, civil society and industry leaders meet under one roof and advance on public private partnerships in ICT, innovation, education and technology.

In line with Zimbabwe's ambition to become a middle income economy by 2030, Emergination Africa has set out to develop the country's future workforce by identifying talent early and nurturing learn

ers into the various career fields that are necessary for development.By 2035 the majority of the world's high school graduates will be in Africa, hence the future of our continent is dependent on the investment we make in our education systems and enabling our youths to reach their full potential. The opportunity to present at the Innovation Africa Summit provided a platform to network and interact with stakeholders in education that are able to come togther with Emergination Africa to make all our efforts attainable to rural and urban schools alike.

The summit also provided a platform for us to engage with education ministries from 30+ African countries, identifying the issues that are common in our countries and sharing on measures that are feasibl

e to make education relevant to what is required of an individual in the society. This experience enabled us to learn and sharpen our model in order to make it best applicable not only to Zimbabwe, but to Africa and the world at large.