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Second Floor North Wing

Pax House

89 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue

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Harare, Zimbabwe


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The Emergination Fellows Program is designed to develop a tertiary education and employment pipeline for high school students living in Africa. We do this by identifying talented students who are in their last 2 years of high school (ages 17 - 19) and teach them techniques that have proven vital to applying to universities around the world. We also help them develop the necesary interview, professional toolkit and networking skills that are essential to their professional development and employment readiness.

Program Outcomes


University: students apply globally to competitive universities and connect with students and admissions officers and learn about the end to end college application process.

Career Exposure: students gain exposure to 10 global career tracks though interactive dialogue with leading practitionars.

Professional Development: students develop their professional toolkit, e-mail ettiquette, resumes/CV's and learn how to navigate a job interview and professional enviroment. 

Networking: students develop meaningful/personal relationships with global leaders and professionals from various fields.

Community: Students become a part of a lifelong community of Emergination Fellow Alumni with global interests.

Our Model