Office 219

Second Floor North Wing

Pax House

89 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue

P.O. Box 981

Harare, Zimbabwe


Tel: +263-242-709872

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Problem Solving: 

Career Planning: learners set high school-to-career goals and are grounded in the fundamentals of how organizations work,broad-based knowledge of a wide spectrum of careers, and the academic and professional pursuits required

to be successful in those careers.

Professional Etiquette: learners understand the standards of excellence in professional etiquette, including workplace norms, resumes and cover letters, interviewing, email and social media etiquette, internship preparedness, public speaking, active listening and mentoring.

Networking: learners develop meaningful/personal relationships with global leaders and professionals from various fields.

Self-Awareness: utilizing personality assessments and our VAPORs framework leaners are able to understand their individual personalities and how to continously assess their abilities and skills they need to build.

Emergination Africa will be hosting its first ever

Holiday Camp in August 2019

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