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Become a Mentor

Mentorship Overview

As a  mentor you play the role of advisor, coach and guide. This combination of roles allows a mentor to provide guidance to assist the learner in developing the skills they need to transition from high school to university and subsequently employment.

Session Agenda
  • Round Robin Introductions: 3 minutes

  • Panelist Questions: 30 minutes

  • Student Q&A Case Style: 25 minutes

  • Closing Remarks: 2 minutes

Guidelines on The Day
  • Ensure your browser is compatible with google hangouts.

  • Join the conference call 15 minutes prior to

  • the start time for sound check, and brief introduction recordings.

  • Keep responses to a maximum of 2 minutes.

  • Feel free to jump in and answer a question that may have not been directed to you.

  • Do not use acronyms or technical terms keep it simple.

  • Speak slowly and as clearly as possible.

  • Send sample deliverables and resources you would like to share with the students to

Sample Panel Questions
  • What does your company do (please give
    an example)?

  • What does your job title mean?

  • What were your dreams in high school?

  • Have they changed?

  • How did you get into finance? and what can a student do now to prepare for a career in your field?

  • What is a typical day like for you?

  •  What careers in finance do you think high-schoolers should start thinking about?

  • What computer skills are required in the job?

  • What do employers look for in a candidate?

FAQs related to Emergination Africa Mentorship

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