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A Future of Prosperity

and Opportunity Creation 

By the year 2035 Africa will be home to the worlds largest working age population with over 500 million people being under the age of 18. With this growth comes the need to nurture young human potential with the critical, practical and problem solving skills and competencies required to create sustainable opportunities and prosperity across the continent. 

To solve the aforementioned, we need different tools and platforms than those that served us in the past. Hence, Emergination Africa is committed to developing education technology enabled programs that provide more efficient and cost effective skills development delivery across Africa. Education and work in Sub-Saharan Africa will determine the livelihoods of nearly a billion people across the continent making African human potential development a massive undertaking that we are committed to.

What We Offer

We offer a full ecosystem of turn key demand driven skills development programs for missionary, government and private secondary schools geared towards identifying, nurturing and channelling potential through to the national workforce. 

Project Based Competitions

Our project basd competitions are 6 month long competitors focused on identifying an nurturing mass talent pools that can develop sustainable solutions utilizing our Venture Development Curriculum. We bring local and global practitionars into the classroom through our virtual classrooms and in field activities, with the goal of enabling these learners to develop business solutions to Africas most challenging problems.

EmergiX Bootcamps

Blended through our offline platform and physcial seminars our EmergiX Academy is an adaptive learning program foussed on guiding and nurturing highschool learners along our VAPORS framework in navigating the future of work, tertiary education and opportunity creation.

CEO Launch Pad

Our CEO (Chief Education Officer) Launch Pad is foccused on preparing the next generation of African Highschool princpals (head teachers) ând senior teachers in imbuing a 21st century education mindset and mastering best practices in leading a 21st century institution that can nurture globally competitive African talent.



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