educator venture  development training 


According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, Sub-Saharan Africa will account for two-thirds (approximately 6.2 million) of the new teachers needed globally by 2030, this number does not account for the number of teachers required to replace retired teachers. Therefore, there is a current and projected shortage of quality African teachers. As the school-age population expands in Africa the need to upskill incoming and current teachers is pivotal to Africas human capital development. 

Our Educator Venture Development Training Program is in line with the United Nations SDG indicator 4.c.1 of increasing the supply of qualified teachers. The program upskills  African Secondary School principals (heads) and teachers to imbue a 21st-century education mindset and culture across their institutions that can identify and nurture young African talent. 


Program outcomes:

  • Teachers develop a changed mindset and culture with regards to education, technology and global issues. 

  • Teachers develop an understanding of classroom management strategies that align to 21st Century education practices.

  • Teachers develop financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills that enable the creation of innovations for solving real-life problems locally and globally.

  • Teachers develop a hands on understanding of  project based  teaching and learning methodologies to enhance applied learning in line with their national  curriculum.



Learners Impacted

teachers trained

Heads trained

The Teacher Journey 


Personality types, learner

self-awareness techniques and

coaching techniques through our

VAPORs framework.


A learners unique talents in

relation to industry trends,

opportunities and build upon our

channel partner network.


Yourself as an administrator with

business modelling skills, financial

planning and adopting our Minimum

Valuable Transformation methodology.

Teacher Training Model.png


The mind and senses by learning

how to utilize the power of

digital technologies in the classroom

and the back office.


Yourself with 21st century

classroom management,

assessment and delivery skills.